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Ther Art of Paper Quilling

With a focus on simple, elegant projects, "The Art of Paper Quilling" offers paper crafters a complete technique guide along with step-by-step project ideas for making beautiful framed pieces, cards, gifts and more. The designs are all built upon simple rolled coils of paper that when grouped together, form intricate flowers, graceful butterflies, and delicate scroll-work. Quilled designs can be framed or used to embellish greeting cards, books and journals, and many types of simple paper structures. Claire Sun-ok Choi is an expert paper artist who has influenced the revival of this fanciful art form with her inspiring exhibits and internationally known books.

Quilled Borders & Motifs

Judy Cardinal provides a wealth of inspirational ideas for quilled borders and motifs which you can use to embellish picture frames, greetings cards, gift tags, envelopes and virtually any item you can think of. A broad range of themes is included, such as Weddings, Babies, Toys and Flowers, to name just a few, and all the techniques you need are explained in clear, step-by-step photographs. Templates for the more complicated designs are provided at the back of the book. This is an excellent source book for both beginners and experienced quillers.

Decorative Quilling

Malinda Johnston has contributed to Decorative Quilling as an author. Malinda Johnston has authored many instructional books. She began quilling in the early 1970s, and her designs now appear regularly in many craft publications. In 1973, she started The Lake City Craft Company, her own quilling manufacturing and supply company, in Nixa, Missouri which currently serves accounts in 23 countries.

Techniques & Projects for Paper Filigree

"Roll, scroll, flute and fringe your way to an exquisite design....Quill enchanting miniature plants and flowers, dangling earrings....Paper filigree makes excellent deco-rations for gift bags and cards....Simply overflowing with ideas!--"Crafts." "The craft of paper recaptured in a series of more than 70 projects."--"Book-list."

Paper Quilling for the First Time

This new entry in the successful "For the First Time(R)" series focuses on a classic craft that's enjoying a resurgence: paper quilling, a form of filigree that's perfect for scrap-booking, as well as card and ornament making. Using a friendly question and answer format and dozens of close-up photographs, it explains how to roll coils, make the basic shapes, and create off-centered circles, scrolls, roses, loops, and more. And for every technique, there's a project."A Selection of the Crafters Choice Book Club."

Three-dimensional Quilling

Jane Jenkins shows how to master three-dimensional quilling in this informative and inspiring book. Step by step photographs and clear instructions explain how to make the basic coils required, and five fabulous projects show how to create quirky three-dimensional characters. Learn how to make fun finger puppets, a frog with long, lanky legs, a wonderfully curly poodle, a fairy and an angel.

Popular Quilling (Milner Craft Series)

More wonderful designs from Helen Walter. In this book she provides a new assortment of florals from Australia plus floral emblems from around the world. A new section on Australian animals and outback symbols, as well as a special Christmas section, make this book a great collection of quilling designs. With easy-to-follow instruction and colour photographs of each project.

50 Nifty Quilled Cards

Paper quilling is enjoying a bold resurgence, with artists who are reinterpreting and revitalising the technique with exciting new ideas. These 50 diverse designs feature breathtaking quilled cards for holidays, special occasions and just for fun. Start with simple, fundamental forms, all shown in close-up photographs that novices can easily follow: a tight roll, tear-drop, square, scroll and more.

Thrilling Quilling: The Ultimate Quiller's Sourcebook

This is an essential source-book bringing the historic paper-craft of quilling into the 21st century, with fun and funky designs broken down into illustrated bite-sized steps for quick and easy crafting. Packed with fresh ideas, techniques and tips, "Thrilling Quilling" will inspire both those learning the craft for the first time, and more experienced crafters looking for new avenues of creativity. "Thrilling Quilling" offers clear instructions on creating a diverse range of quilled items and explores papers and equipment, and techniques such as coiling, pinching, fringing and husking. With a perfect balance of information and inspiration, people of all skill levels and interests will be able to take the timeless techniques of quilling and produce sensational results with a modern twist!

Quilling: Techniques and Inspiration

Easy-to-learn, delightful, decorative results, inexpensive - and fun to do, quilling is the art of rolling, scrolling, coiling and fringing narrow strips of paper to create exquisite designs. The strips are available in an exciting array of colours and the paper can be manipulated in many ways. It's versatility offers many possibilities and Jane Jenkins has brought together a tasteful collection of designs and projects, with many step-by-step photographs, patterns and clear text. She shows how to make Art Nouveau and fantasy figures, Victorian fans, butterflies, candlestick holders and more. The beautiful, intricate and delicate filigreed patterns and pictures she creates are original and unique - and guaranteed to get you 'rolling'.

Paper Quilling (The weekend crafter)

Manipulate paper to create a delicate butterfly and intricate gift cards. This beginner's book introduces you to paper quilling (also known as paper filigree) -- the art of rolling scrolling, fringing, and shaping narrow strips of paper, and arranging the shapes into designs.

Quill It Easy

The age-old art of quilling is much less complicated than it appears at first glance and can be mastered by anyone with a bit of patience and a steady hand. Quilling requires only a few simple materials making it one of the least expensive paper crafting hobbies. With the helpful shape gallery, up-close project photos, detailed project instructions and diagrams, you'll be creating these stunning projects in no time!

Quilling for Beginners

By Jean Woolston-Hamey

Quilling Beauties of the Bush

A guide to using quilling and other paper-cutting techniques to create portrayals of flowers, butterflies and other insects from the Australian bush. It contains colour photographs, black and white illustrations and diagrams and it is written by the author of QUILLING AUSTRALIAN NATIVE FLOWERS.

Quilling: Desert Flowers

Another fabulous collection of twelve beautiful Australian desert flowers. The collection includes some of the lesser known Australian natives, such as the Native Orange which is a bush tucker food with an exquisite flower. Each flower is designed to be framed and displayed, but the author has also provided for each flower a miniature version which can be used on gift cards.

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