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About Creative Quilling

Creative Quilling is a family run online store offering a full range of quilling supplies suitable for scrapbooking, card making, artwork or ornamental designs. Creative Quilling is owned and operated in Sydney by Lauren Enfield and her husband Mark. Lauren and Mark are joined in their family by their three young boys, Lachlan, Preston and Dion.

We love finding quality, functional and economical tools along with brilliant quilling papers that will help you create satisfying quilling designs. We are always on the look out for specialised quilling treasures from around the world. Creative Quilling provide materials made from high end materials that will stand the test of time. If there is anything you have come across that we don’t stock, please just let us know and we’ll help you out.

Let’s meet the Creative Quilling Team

WHO IS...Lauren Enfield?

With a background in Event Management (working with Australia’s biggest craft fair) and Financial Planning, a busy Mum and a love of all things quilling and crafty, the decision to run an online store was a very exciting one and a challenge too fun to refuse. “After years of online shopping experiences both good and bad, I could see the potential for a dedicated quilling store offering a fast turn around and excellent service. PLUS I got to work from home and hang out with my boys.”

WHO IS...Mark Hoare?

With a background in the construction industry Mark is currently working for a construction related recruitment company. He is a very dedicated and hands on Dad who supports Lauren in the business doing many of the more labour intensive tasks. “Whilst I have more interest in surfing and playing golf I do enjoy seeing Lauren working in the business while being able to stay at home with the boys.”

The Boys

Lachlan, Preston and Dion are full of energy and love getting outdoors. I must admit they are not huge quillers but love supporting our business by keeping us entertained and laughing.

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