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Welcome to Creative Quilling a leading quilling community

Welcome to Creative Quilling...a leading quilling community.

If you:

  • love quilling
  • would like to polish your quilling skills
  • are searching for reliable quilling tools
  • would like some of your quilling questions answered
  • are new to quilling

Then you have come to the right place!

One of the most important factors to your quilling success is the ingredients you use. It really helps to have a range of reliable quilling tools, a large variety of quilling paper and a pinch of inspiration to get you started! And we are here to help you out.

Creative Quilling was created in 2010 by a mum who is passionate about supporting enthusiastic quillers and providing them with the best possible supplies and materials. We found it really hard to find high quality supplies and went on a journey to find the best material for our quillers.

We are committed to bringing you a dedicated quilling website where you can buy a large range of beautiful and vibrant quilling paper and top quality tools. Our forum and gallery provide a wonderful arena to seek advice or ideas. It is a valuable source of inspiration so please come and meet other members of the quilling community to share ideas.

Creative Quilling wishes you a happy shopping experience and we hope you find many quilling ideas to inspire you to create your works of art.

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